Mixing is an art and a science.

Mixing is an art and a science.

A good mix has the ability to add energy, vibe, and clarity to your recorded performances.

The science is in knowing how to create or reveal punch, separation, warmth, space, balance and intelligibility to your mix.

The art is in intuiting what serves the song and the artist best in any given situation.

I use Pro Tools, and a large collection of software plugins to help with all possible surgical and creative needs!

If your project is in LOGIC, Digital Performer, or Reason, I have those too.



Because you love that mix.

 I work with your notes  (preferably after a conversation with you)  and with reference tracks you supply to make sure the tracks sit well together on your album and have a polished, radio ready sound. 

I can focus on a transparent treatment that lets your mix shine, or aggressively add processing and character as you desire.




I want you to sound great!

My small but well equipped project studio is perfect for tracking vocals, guitars, Strings, bass and percussion. My extensive collection of virtual instruments can fill out any project. you can walk in with just your guitar, and walk out with a five piece band behind you!

Need to track Live drums?

If We can't do it here, we can visit one of my partner studios in the area and get what we need.



Ideally , your vocal tracks are recorded exactly the way you intended .

However, it can often happen that you favorite performance (the one with the most heart and energy) happens to have  a few imperfections that you would like resolved. I use a variety of software editing solutions to resolve pitch and timing issues that might spoil an otherwise perfect take. 

Got pops and clicks? finger squeaks?

We can clean up stray noises in a final mix or in individual parts before mixing, with the latest in spectral editing and noise reduction software.



Need A little something extra for your track? 

Send me your "rough"

and some notes, and I will get you the next level guitar, bass, background vocal, rhythm program, or synth part that you have been looking for!

Need help with a whole album?

Thats all part of the package, if you are recording with me, but I am happy to work with you if you are self producing, or working with another producer.



Frustrated with your self produced project?

We have all been there! Sometimes it's important just to get another pair of ears on your work. You may need an opinion on the structure of your track, or your reverb choices, or how the instruments are sitting together in your mix. 

I'm happy to work with you remotely, via email or Skype/Zoom/Facetime.

Solidify Your Vision

 I have a deep appreciation for the creative space we all enter as performing and recording artists. It is my personal pleasure and privilege to help you capture those moments and set them like jewels so that they can shine and be enjoyed by all.

What I offer

With a background as a singer songwriter, Jazz guitarist, guitar teacher and bassist, I am in a great position to help you  every step of the way. From my well-equipped project studio I offer an affordable, relaxed, comfortable and collaborative environment for refining your compositions, arranging parts, and even coaching you as a vocalist or instrumentalist. 

Need a bigger room? Want to record more people at one time? No problem. Your Pro Tools project is portable and can be brought to  any studio or space to capture anything we need to end up with the perfect parts for your project.


My Partners

My priority is giving your project the attention it deserves. I have a network of music production professionals ready to add their unique expertise to your project whenever we need them!