GuruGanesha Singh Khalsa

“Gurusangat Singh is one extraordinarily talented individual. Not only is he is a world class jazz guitarist and bass player but he has a wonderful touch in the recording studio as well. I was just listening to some of the near final mixes for the solo album he is producing for Sat Kartar Singh and was blown away with the caliber and beauty of the production. And best of all, he gives folks an absolutely superb return on their hard earned dollars!”  -


Andrea Flax

 “Music is my passion, but my flame has often been extinguished by the overwhelming technical know how you must possess to record it. I found myself feeling discouraged and defeated thinking that anyone I chose to work with would laugh at my lack of know-how in the studio. Gurusangat is not only a technical wizard, but also a compassionate and loving man who knows how to bring the best out of an artist. I arrived at my session anxious and uptight, but was instantly eased by his calm, direct approach and his trust in the creative process. The entire session flowed with a seemingly flawless efficiency, and in this atmosphere I was able to open my heart and sing from a place of trust, which is in my opinion the heart of any miracle! I am honored I had the privilege to work with Gurusangat and can’t wait to continue!” 


Snatam Kaur

“I loved working with Gurusangat. He is very devoted to serving the sacred space of meditation music, and has a talent for bringing a depth to this kind of music that very few people can do.” -  Snatam Kaur